ASOFRUBRUNCA was founded in 2005, at the community of Pueblo Nuevo de Cajón de Pérez Zeledón, with approximately 25 producers mostly dedicated to coffee production.

ASOFRUBRUNCA currently has 115 partners, integrated and trained in the areas of cultivation, production and processing of high quality Rambutan for the local and export market.

Able to produce an estimated 550 tons of rambutan, 2015.

Main goal of our organization.

Promote economic and social development of its members in the Brunca Region, acting as a knowledge center, industrialization and development of commercial opportunities for producers of fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers of Brunca Region, through the international marketing of fresh and processed products.


Develop the fruiticulture growing in the region, as a profitable activity where producers and organization are committed to produce the best quality, linked to sustainable development and continuous improvement.


Develop a partnership and inclusive organization, with a network of business and a differentiated global focus market, opening channels for national and international produce distribution, as delivering fresh and processed agricultural products, of great value. From agroindustrial development and knowledge of markets.

Our values

    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Environmental Commitment
    • Quality service
    • Transparency
    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Loyalty
    • Respect